Brian, Card Factory: “Local People Make Springburn Great”

Brian, Card Factory: “Local People Make Springburn Great”

Last week we spoke to Brian, manager at the Card Factory in Springburn shopping centre, to discuss all things retail, the local community and why he likes managing the Springburn store, in the latest Your Centre interview.

How long have you worked with Card Factory?

I’ve been with Card Factory for the last ten years and for the past one and half years I’ve been the manager in the Springburn store. I’ve worked in over 20 Card Factory stores around Scotland, but I’ve settled in Springburn. Prior to managing shops with Card Factory I worked with TK Maxx, JD Sports and Home Bargains.

You’ve been a year and a half in the Springburn store, what do you like about it?

Comparing against other stores, the people in Springburn make it a much more enjoyable experience. When I first began managing the Springburn store the local community were welcoming and kind and it’s remained that way throughout my time here. Card Factory in Springburn is busy and although it’s a small centre there are a lot of local people visiting, so we regularly get to see and talk to the same people. The community really pulls together and want to look after one another, which is lovely to be a part of.

You mentioned Card Factory is busy, which is good, why do you think that is?

The price, quality and value of our cards and other items make a difference, but footfall in the centre definitely helps too. Customers often drop into Card Factory when they’re visiting other shops and the central location means it’s convenient and a time saver for people.

What would you say is great about being part of Springburn shopping centre?

There are really lovely people that come into our store regularly, not necessarily to buy anything, but to have a chat with myself and the team. It’s wonderful how friendly people can be in the local community and it’s a pleasure getting to know everybody.

In some instances, particularly for the older clientele, you know that you could be their only conversation in a day so it’s a privilege to speak to them.

If somebody was considering starting their business in Springburn Shopping Centre, what would you tell them?

The centre environment at Springburn is great and having worked in different centres, the management team at Springburn are outstanding. It’s a fun, friendly and supportive community and I regularly – perhaps once to twice a week – speak to the centre manager. This helps because you feel included and informed about changes and what’s happening.

Anybody thinking about opening a shop in Springburn shopping centre would benefit from the excellent footfall, a generous and friendly local community plus the building is under cover which is important in Scotland!