Santa’s Grotto Has Arrived

Santa’s Grotto Has Arrived

We told Santa to go and get “set up Santa there…” but he’s mis-heard us and gone and set up next to SANTAnder in the shopping centre. We think his dodgy hearing has caused this, he’s getting on you know. However, what we are sure about is that he will be greeting children each Friday and Saturday up to Christmas between 12 noon and 4pm. We don’t charge Santa for his reindeer stabling or his accommodation so the entrance is free once per child. Children should always be accompanied by an adult though.

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Unfortunately, due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, some of our tenants will be varying their hours and some will close until further notice. This post will be updated when we are made aware of the changes to hours/openings. Please do not message requesting information on a particular tenant as it should all be here.

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